Module 1: Introduction to Community Economic Development (CED)
Features an overview of what CED is as well as steps to assess community readiness and set up a CED

Module 2: Community Economics and Pre-Planning Analysis
Provides an understanding of the local economy and how it works / Analyzing the Data

Module 3: Community Economic Development Strategies
A review of CED strategies which includes business development, sustainable development, community revitalization, population development, workforce development and more

Module 4: Finance and Governance
Municipal Government Responsibilities and Powers, Municipal Budgeting and Land Use Planning

Module 5: Strategic Planning
Highlights the importance of strategic planning for economic development, the steps to strategic planning, and maximizing success for your community

Module 6: Communications
Communication plans and incorporating best communications practices, media relations and using social media

Module 7: Marketing the Community (including Investment Attraction Marketing)
How to market your community and develop a community brand, understanding the 6 P’s of experience marketing and choosing the right marketing tools for your community

Module 8: Operations and Project Management
Project Management and Performance Measurement — determining project priorities, identifying potential partners and evaluating progress